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Digitus inMailXEnterprise Email Management, Compliance and Productivity for Microsoft Outlook, providing tools users need to effectively manage their time, emails and attachments.



provides the functionality and tools users need to effectively manage their time, emails and attachments.  inMailX integrates seamlessly with document management systems and network folder structures, helping users improve their email filing compliance.

With inMailX staff can improve their emails and attachments management compliance, productivity and the quality of work, while maintaining focus and reducing operational errors.  inMailX substantially enhances existing Outlook functionality and provides users with the ability to:

  • Create, file and organise emails, tasks and appointments
  • Print email content and attachments selectively and simultaneously
  • Save paper by printing only the most recent email conversation threads
  • Combine, bookmark and secure multiple attachments into PDF
  • Remove metadata from Word, Excel or PDF attachments
  • Reorder and Rename email attachments on the fly
  • Compress (ZIP) email attachments while composing emails
  • Schedule follow-up tasks/appointments when reading or sending emails
  • Reduce repetitive typing and quickly compose standard emails with quick content
  • File emails into external document management or file system structures, etc.
  • Flexible and intuitive email filing into multiple document/records management systems
  • Easily file attachments into multiple document/records management systems

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    modules help users save time and become more productive and responsible when managing and processing emails and attachments in Microsoft Outlook. inMailX also assists IT managers and business executives with reducing management and administration overheads, as well as enforcing corporate policies.

    inMailX offers six modules

    • Email Manager (EM)
    • Optional eDRMS Connectors (File System, SharePoint, TRIM, WebDAV, Worksite, Worldox)
    • Attachment Manager (AM)
    • Content Manager (CM)
    • Print Manager (PM)
    • Brand Manager (BM)
    • Time Manager (TM)


    Fast Snail

    Empower Users and Save Time

    • Active and passive conversion of email attachments into PDF
    • Order, bookmark and combine multiple attached documents into a single PDF 
    • Remove metadata in World, Excel and PDF attachments
    • Rename and Reorder email attachments on the fly
    • Compress attachments into ZIP while composing emails
    • Undo/Redo inMailX actions performed on attachments
    • Reuse standard content and save time with quick text
    • Selective printing for email content and attachments
    Enforce Corporate Policies
    • Force users to file emails on send
    • Prompt users to clean and convert email attachments into PDF on send
    • Secure PDF documents with read passwords and content policies (disable copy, modify, printing)
    • Set global PDF conversion and password complexity policies
    • Standardise email signatures and forms using Active Directory
    • Disable Reply, Reply All and Forward in Outlook when sending emails
    Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs 
    • Streamline emails filing into your document/records management systems
    • Efficient and intuitive Clean, PDF, ZIP, Rename, Reorder
    • Flexible Undo/Redo to quickly rectify user errors
    • Minimise typing recurrences with quick text
    • Streamline emails printing and reduce paper wastage
    • Minimal staff training required
    • Reduce Outlook add-ins and administration overheads


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